Intelligent Water Dispenser


The Intelligent Water Dispenser seamlessly integrates technology and convenience, offering automated hydration with customizable settings for precise water dispensing. With its intuitive features, it ensures optimal hydration while reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

For cats, the Intelligent Water Dispenser offers the following advantages:

1. Freshness: It ensures a constant supply of fresh water, enticing cats to drink more and stay hydrated.
2. Filtration: Many models include filters to remove impurities and improve the taste of water, encouraging cats to drink.
3. Customization: Some dispensers allow for adjustable flow rates and water levels, catering to individual cat preferences.
4. Convenience: Automatic refilling and cleaning features make maintenance hassle-free for pet owners.
5. Health benefits: Adequate hydration supports urinary tract health and overall well-being in cats, making the dispenser a valuable addition to their environment.

Product Information: 

Name: Pet filter water dispenser
Size: 20X20X I4CM
Capacity: 2.5L
Material: Food grade ABS material
color: White
Application: Universal for cats and dogs.

Packing list

Drinking fountain*1, Filter element*1

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