Hanging Bed For Cat


Introducing our Hanging Bed for Cats – the cozy, elevated retreat your feline companion will adore!

Elevate your cat's lounging experience with our Hanging Bed. Suspended from a sturdy frame, this bed provides a unique and comfortable space for your cat to relax and unwind.

Crafted with soft, plush materials, our Hanging Bed offers a cozy spot for your cat to curl up and snooze the day away. The elevated design provides a sense of security while allowing your cat to enjoy a panoramic view of their surroundings.

Easy to install and space-saving, our Hanging Bed is perfect for any home. Simply hang it from a secure anchor point, such as a door frame or window sill, and watch as your cat discovers their new favorite spot.

Give your cat the ultimate lounging experience with our Hanging Bed – because every cat deserves a special place to call their own!

Product Details:

Product Category: Pet Nest
Color: Upgraded B-grey pink, upgraded B-grey blue, upgraded B-grey yellow, upgraded B-grey purple, upgraded B-grey orange, upgraded B-pink purple
Applicable objects: all cats
Product material: Wooden multi-layer plywood + cotton hemp cloth +304 stainless steel hardware


Size information:

Package Contents:


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